President’s Column (2016)


Editor’s Note: We continue to display this President’s letter  for a little while longer in honor of John Neal, our 2016 President who recently passed on.  He will be missed. 

I’m honored to serve as president of the club in 2016 which is going to be a very important year for not only the nation, but for Republicans.   Over two thirds of voters in the primaries have voted for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, both of whom are perceived as a threat to the established order within the Washington Republican hierarchy. 

Right here in Sun City West it’s important that we expose club members to a wide variety of Republican ideas, elected officials and candidates.   Plus we need to motivate our friends and neighbors to take an interest in elections to ensure that our turnout here in Sun City West remains well above the state and national averages. 

The Club Board and I welcome you to our monthly meetings, candidate forums, and other events.  Get involved.  You’ll be glad you did.  Your country needs you!

If not now, when?
If not us, who?


John Neal, President
Sun City West Republican Club