Candidate Forum Questions

During our 2018 meetings leading up to the August 2018 primary election we plan to host the candidates for one office per meeting.  This will allow a focus on matters related to the one office and avoid quizzing candidates on matters not related to their areas of expertise. 

Our moderator will ask the questions submitted in advance.  Sometimes audience question begin with a long preamble which can be avoided by writing questions on 3×5 cards or submitting them in advance!  We don’t plan to have questions from the floor, so send questions in advance or bring them on a 3×5 card. 

Each question needs an identified author to be sure the candidates don’t salt the questions with claims against their opponents.  State on your card or email whether you want your name included when your question is read. 

Our first session will be January with the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Submit questions for these candidates by sending an email to:


State Representative Forum 

You may submit questions to the above email  address for any of the candidate forums except for State Representative.   Since our vice president and moderator is a candidate for State Representative, we will ask you to send questions to an alternate moderator when the time comes for that set of candidates, for example:

Luckily our moderator will not be not Donna Brazile, so the questions will not be shared in advance with any of the candidates for State Representative 


Remember,  let us know whether you prefer  that we use your name, or not, when your question is read.