Obama’ ”Humanitarian Purposes” made legal by Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s H.R. 5759 BETRAYAL of Americans. Sideshow-Distraction-Cover / Distraction / Trickery / The Game / Executive Amnesty / Tax Fraud / Election Tampering / Robbing Retirees / Federal Land Grabs aka Gosars’ NDAA Pork Job’s  Bill / Omnibus Funding; all the above assisted by Lost in Their Own Importance or TOTALLY FOOLED Talking Head Expert Commentators.

HUMANITARIAN PURPOSES: Obama this past summer granted tens of thousands of illegal kids ‘Parole in Place’ or de-facto AMNESTY under title of “for Humanitarian Purposes where the aliens are at imminent risk of serious bodily harm or

death.” Then Obama wanted to bring non-citizen Ebola patients to the United States “for Humanitarian Purposes where the aliens are at imminent risk of serious bodily harm or death.” And now we are dealing with Obama’s Executive Amnesty “for Humanitarian Purposes where the aliens are at imminent risk of serious bodily harm or death.” In other words Mr. Obama’s definition of “Humanitarian Purposes” is what House Speaker John Boehner added to House Resolution 5759 “for humanitarian purposes where  the aliens are at imminent risk of serious bodily harm or death.” U.S. House Republican’s provided legal standing for Obama’s Executive Amnesty.   https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/5759/text?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22hr+5759%22%5D%7D

REPUBLICAN BETRAYAL: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, REPUBLICAN John Boehner added verbiage to H.R. 5759 titled “Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act of 2014” by way of the Rules Committee at the last minute. So late in fact there was no time for his staff at the SPEAKERS TABLE in the Chamber Lobby to print and make available for review before the vote the changes or so they say. The change consisted of adding Subsection “(b) Exceptions – Subsection (a) shall apply except-“ …… “(3) for humanitarian purposes where the aliens are at imminent risk of serious bodily harm or death.” where #3 gives Obama the legal standing to peruse Executive Overreach in granting amnesty. In other words Boehner and fellow Republicans just traded Omnibus PORK for Obama and Democrats’ legal standing for Executive (Amnesty) aka Overreach. https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/5759/text/173576?q={%22search%22:[%22hr%205759%22]}

SIDESHOW–DISTRACTION–COVER the tried, trued and perfected DC MO (modus operandi): Dianne Feinstein selected Tuesday December 9 to release the ‘Feinstein CIA Torture Report’ that was approved for release April 3, 2014. Interesting, during the weeks leading up to the release, THE OVERBLOWN HYPE and all the Liberals (Democrats) agreeing/disagreeing, and the Conservatives (Republicans) agreeing/disagreeing – GOT YOUR (distraction) ATTENTION?

DISTRACTION: Does this really need an explanation?  Question, we know, they know, we know, are they daring us, provoking us to do something – why? Interesting, Congressmen Bachmann indicates she can do more for our Country outside of office than within, she also explains the amnesty ‘dark deal’ was decided months ago setting the stage for Feinstein to release her patently pathetic report……. distraction right on Cue. Why didn’t Bachmann EXPOSE IT BACK THEN? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuCbjAc2My8

TRICKERY: December 4 the bill, H.R. 5759 – “Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act of 2014” that some Republicans are NOW (December 7) ASSERTING they were tricked into voting for by House Leadership. If you review the House transcript of actions and debate that started at 12:25pm and continued to the 2:29pm Roll Call Vote #549 that passed it, several Representatives mentioned the EXCEPTIONS during debate that were added (to H.R. 5759) at the 11th hour by GOP (Rules Committee) Leadership. So where were the Republicans during this time – OUT TO LUNCH? They weren’t out to lunch, we were, the voters aka We the People. Republicans claiming TRICKERY in public which includes Salmon who know who the responsible Congressman are but refuse to name them,. Not giving up names renders their “I didn’t know before I voted so don’t blame me”  as inexcusable – ISN’T IT YOUR JOB? OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN’T DO IT: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/12/07/Exclusive-House-GOP-Leaders-Trick-216-House-Republicans-Into-Accidentally-Supporting-Obama-s-Executive-Amnesty

THE GAME: above Congressman Bachmann explained the amnesty ‘dark deal’ was done months ago. Therefore Boehner sliding in language as to TRICK his fellow Congressmen is CONTRIVED. I believe if you pay close attention it’s really simple and quite effective: Republican and Democrat Congressmen lead their voters to believe they’re serving them, while acting as if fighting with each other all the while both sides end up with the backroom deal(s) they arranged and come out smelling like roses on both sides where their deal(s) give the Shaft to YOU and ME. With the passage of H.R. 5759 by REPUBLICANS, Obama and Democrats get the greenlight for Executive Amnesty to be funded within the Omnibus where the Democrats and some Republicans vote the Omnibus through (YES) after loading it up with the kitchen sink. Republicans voting YES on H.R. 5759 was a trade with the Democrats giving safe haven to some Republicans to vote NO on the Omnibus who then flaunt their no vote as if they really stood up for you and me.

EXECUTIVE AMNESTY: Review link above; Republicans put language into H.R. 5759 to protect Illegals or more correctly support Executive Amnesty (‘greenlight’) which the Dems wanted all along. The Republicans voted for it on December 4 while the Dems voted against it. Put the whole thing together by attaching H.R. 5759 and Amnesty funding RIDERS to the Omnibus Government Funding Bill where the Dems will (greenlight) carry the YES vote thereby giving COVER to those Republicans who need to vote NO. Republicans voting NO on the Omnibus are objecting to the excessive PORK and RIDERS and funding of Amnesty but their prior YES vote on H.R. 5797 (that is attached to the Omnibus) is a trade with the Democrats. Republican YES votes on H.R. 5759 was traded for a Democrat YES votes on the Omnibus and NDAA Bills to include all the ‘Planned RIDERS’ consisting of Pork, Special Interests and Legislation that couldn’t pass otherwise. Like Gosar’s so called Job’s Bill LOL (laughing out loud) that was nothing more than a Federal Land Grab. Speaking of GRAB – grab your ankles as they just gave the Shaft to us while giving concessions (on we the tax payer) to Illegals, Big Business, Party Donations and so much more where it is certain more will be found as we read it to find out what’s in it.   Ask a Question why is a Jobs Bill in the NDAA and not on a Stand Alone Bill?

TAX FRAUD: House Speaker Boehner again inserts language into a bill, this time the Omnibus Bill that gives Social Security benefits to illegal aliens, you can find it on pages 958 and 959 of the 1603 page spending/funding bill. This doubles down his support of Executive Amnesty (HR 5759) action that gives illegals access to IRS Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit that is already realizing Illegal Alien fraud abuse in the estimated amount of 6.2 billion dollars a year. Add that funding for IRS audit agents was reduced in this 2015 Omnibus Bill. http://therightscoop.com/ben-shapiro-boehner-likes-obamas-executive-amnesty-and-thats-why-hes-agreed-to-fund-it/

ELECTION TAMPERING: Also slipped into the Omnibus Bill was some real Campaign Finance Reform that would sharply increase limits on the amount that an individual may contribute to various national political party accounts and committees each year. Those limits would rise from $32,400 to $324,000 for donations to finance parties’ national conventions, election recounts and headquarters buildings. That means individuals could give $648,000 in a two-year campaign cycle, with a married couple capped at almost $1.3 million for an election cycle.  “It is only millionaires and billionaires who can give these huge, corrupting contributions,” said campaign finance activist Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21.

ROBBING RETIREES: Another BACKROOM Boehner deal that attaches to the Omnibus Bill  that allows multiemployer pension plans to cut earned and vested pension benefits of current retirees. Just more catering to risky banker behaviors. AARP Opposes Secret Attack by Congress on Retiree Pensions Press Center, December 10, 2014


CONCLUSION: Sounds like another we have to pass it to find out what’s in it scenario where we’re finding more stuff every day. Question is what have they already done and what can the new Congress do to fix the mess? This is what should have happened: Close all Unconstitutional Departments & Agencies; Audit the Fed; Force Border Enforcement; Cut off all Benefits to Illegals. However they can’t do this as they just passed HR 5759 & OMNIBUS Bill Funding our unconstitutional government departments and agencies, so Obama got what he and they all wanted more of the same. We were betrayed by the GOP and everyone knows it except of course those in the GOP who believe the liars that say they serve US. Anyone who voted for any part of the last couple of Bills that set the stage for this TREASON are at fault here, and yes that includes our Arizona Representatives who if you check 3 of 4 voted for HR 5759 which allowed them the ability to give the Illegals all the Benefits and Security in the OMNIBUS BILL. Please……. don’t be fooled by the last NO vote by all of them, it’s called Political Cover and they know THE GAME well as all in office do, it’s just to get them re-elected, sort of like sticking work projects in the NDAA and then bragging about your work. Like Congressman Paul A. Gosar: After the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which included the Congressman’s sponsored jobs legislation, H.R. 687, The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act, Gosar said: “For the second time in as many weeks, I commend the Senate for passing one of my jobs bills, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange, which will create 4,000 jobs and generate $60 billion for Arizona’s economy. Once the operation is running, this mine will provide 25% of the United States’ copper supply and be the largest copper mine in North America. It is always refreshing to see bipartisan efforts from members in both the House and Senate, working together for the good of our constituents who have made it clear that they want Congress to focus on job creation. This mine is a remarkable achievement for Arizona and will provide economic and, with the land exchange, ecological benefits for decades.” http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/12/08/san-carlos-apache-leader-seeks-senate-defeat-copper-mine-sacred-land-158181 What else does the NDAA fund is the real question but Political COVER because of the 80 / 20 Shaft and Mislead the American Citizen Rule, Wake UP America while you still can.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk