As the research indicates, it appears Gov. Ducey and his staff are incorrect in their evaluation of the situation and actually should be supporting Supt. Douglas in her decisions to better operate the Dept. of Public Instruction. Douglas did exactly what the voters expected her to do when they elected her to the position. Now it appears that Ducey and the Elite GOP are attempting to assist in re-firing up the oppositions recall efforts against Supt. Douglas, as News Program had a staffer of the group on air Thursday evenings program discussing this very incident, they really don’t need the help of Ducey do they, or who’s side is he really on? You read the post and then decide for yourself just what they’re all up to, serving you and me or Sen. McCain.

Diane Douglas has the right to fire STAFF employees: Doug Ducey plays his McCain card.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Diane Douglas has the authority to fire State ‘at will employees’ as established by former Governor Jan Brewer when she signed Sweeping Personnel Reform It would behoove Governor McDucey to review with State Attorney General Mark BrnoCainvich and any other legal counsel he has the following as it’s quite simple

Fired were Executive Director Christine Thompson and Deputy Director Sabrina Vazquez who are on the Arizona Department of Education payroll and under Douglas supervision as apparent by the organizational flow chart below.

Supporting Diane Douglas’ authority to terminate “at will” employees is Arizona Revised Statute, Title 15, Chapter 2, Article 2 – 251 Powers and duties – # “4. Direct the work of all employees of the board who shall be employees of the department of education.” Please review the flow chart above and the listing of Thompson and Vazquez as being on the payroll of the Arizona Department of Education here

Consider that the members of the Arizona State Board of Education are not compensated by the State as their names don’t appear within the Staff Directory nor on the above organization flow chart for the Arizona Department of Education.

Note again that the names of Thompson and Vazquez do appear under Diane Douglas’ name on the Flow Chart as well as the Department payroll – they work AT Will for the Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Diane Douglas.

Perhaps Board President Greg Miller needs some COMMON SENSE education as he does not sign Thompson’s or Vazquez’s paychecks. They may do work for the “Board” but they are employed by Superintendent Douglas: ARS 15-251.
when he states the move by Douglas was unprovoked and that Thompson and Vazquez work for the board, not Douglas.
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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk
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